Greenrich – Growatt BMS setting

Greenrich communication with Growatt (SPF 5000 ES, SPF 5000TL HVM - P, SPF 5000TL HVM WPV – P)

Connect the battery terminals securely from your batteries to the inverter. Positive (+) from your battery to positive (+) terminal on your inverter, negative(-) from your battery to negative terminal (-) on your inverter. 

If you are using two or more batteries, connect the positive (+) of the first battery to the positive (+) of the following battery, similarly, connect the negative (-) of the first battery to the negative (-) of the second battery. When connecting your battery to the inverter connect your red (+) cable to the positive terminal of the first battery and your black (-) cable to the negative terminal of your last battery. Remember to connect the communication cable between your batteries.

For communication between inverter and battery BMS see below cable configuration.

Use pins 1 & 2 for RS485 on the inverter. Connect the communication cable on the RS485 PORT on the battery (next to the CAN port) to the inverter BMS/RS485 port.

Use pins 4 & 5 for CAN on the inverter. Connect the communication cable on the CAN PORT on the battery to the inverters BMS/CAN port.


First, turn on the battery and do all settings on the inverter BEFORE switching on AC INPUT and PV INPUT.

On the inverter, press and hold the ENTER button until a 2-digit number on the right starts flashing. Once flashing use the UP or DOWN arrows to go through the settings. For battery setup go to setting 05.

Set the battery type as ‘Li’ in setting 05. After selecting ‘LI’, press the ENTER button, and you will be directed to setting 036 where you will be required to input the communication protocol. Enter protocol 02, then press ENTER until you see 036 flashing. Press ESC to go back to the main screen.

To verify that your inverter is communicating with your battery, your inverter settings 12, 13 and 21 will display percentage values.