Growatt SPF5000ES Firmware Upgrade

Check Firmware on your Growatt Inverter

Press the down arrow key until you see the firmware version: (if it shows the following, you should upgrade your firmware to the latest version)

Get the update tool and the latest update files from us:

1. ISP TOOL V4.20.exe (72Mb)

2. F030_SK041.03_20210203_A.bin (177KB)

3. F2809_SK040.03_20210204_A.bin (224KB)

Or contact Bruce at 0834076986 or email:

Double-click on “ISP TOOL V4.2.exe” to install the upgrade tool on your laptop and you should find this icon on your desktop. Make sure your inverter is working in battery-inverter mode without any load. Find the following USB cable from the packaging.

Connect your laptop to the Growatt inverter. Connect the USB port to your laptop. Connect the “square-ish looking” plug into the inverter (indicated USB).

Upgrade the inverter’s firmware on your laptop. Double-click on the desktop icon to start the process.

Your process should be the following:

Step 1: Select the COM port, only one should be showing, select that one. (It could be COM 1, COM 2, Com 3…etc)

Step 2: Select the file F030_SK041.03_20210203_A.bin and click on OPEN

Step 3: Click on the FUNCTION button and change it from “Closed” to “Opened”

Step 4: Click on the FLASH button and the update process will start.

During the 7 to 8 minutes upgrade process, DO NOT touch the USB connections or the cable. Another reminder: make sure that the inverter is working in battery-inverter mode without any load.

Repeat Step 2 to Step 4 with the second file: “F2809_SK040.03_20210204_A.bin”

Again, run the file by clicking FLASH:

The firmware is updated, but make sure to reset the inverter.

Resetting the inverter

On the main menu (right digit 000), push the UP and DOWN together for 5 seconds until the 3-digit number in the middle is flashing. Press ENTER. Press the UP or down button until the first digit is 3, Press ENTER, and continue with the second digit 0 and the third digit 5.

Press ENTER to confirm.

The reset menu should be showing with 034 on the right. Press ENTER to confirm.

Exit by pressing ESC. Check your firmware by pressing the UP or DOWN button. Your firmware should now be the updated version.

Voila! If the above is showing, your firmware is updated.